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Sadie Schmitz


Welcome to my Global Studies Website


Sadie Schmitz

Global Studies 

I am a political enthusiast, athlete, musician, activist, and global citizen. My work in Global Studies strives to uncover the different intersections of my passions and teaches me how I can apply my personal endeavors to the world around me. Currently, I am working on this through my research-based independent studyThroughout my time in the Global Studies Program, I have learned how to connect my unique life experiences, and who I am beyond the classroom, to other individuals, both near and far

Global Studies

What is Global Studies?

Global Studies is a dual-diploma program that teaches students to examine their own lives and experiences from a global lens while challenging and expanding their horizons. The global studies program includes seminars, discussions with professionals about their fields of expertise, peer dialogue, reflective writing, and a senior capstone project. 

This summer, all Global Studies students read the novel Caste, by Isabel Wilkerson. I used some of the themes from the novel in a history paper I wrote recently about the American role in the Holocaust.


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